Coach Rod is Savy Mountain Riders Head Coach.  He loves being a part of helping people get outside and enjoying nature's best on their bike.  When he isn't biking, he's usually working on bikes, thinking or talking about bikes, biking with his family, or practicing some little magic trick on his Bicycle Playing cards.

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I found mountain biking by accident. While I rode my bike as a kid, I became more adventurous during high school and college. When I moved away for work, I signed up for a race; here my love for all things bike started. From an unexpected crash, to a satisfying ride, and an accomplished finish I gained the sense “I really CAN ride”. My goal is to give others the opportunity to have that realization no matter the skill set. A sense of achievement and accomplishment can go a long way in sport and life long skills.

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Coach Nicole started riding with some friends in high school, who would lend her a bike. She eventually got her own bike and has enjoyed exploring trails around Alberta and BC. She moved to Red Deer 5 years ago and enjoys the awesome community and network of trails that Red Deer has to offer. She has 2 daughters and loves watching their skills grow and heading out on fun adventures together.

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Lien loves all sports, but he would go Mountain Biking everyday if he could! He is a husband and father of 2 and his whole family ride bikes. They like to take family camping trips that center around riding bikes. Lien prefers technical natural terrain trails and has ridden in Colorado, Utah, Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC. Lien's favorite trail system is Ridgeway Area Trails in Colorado. Quote from Lien: "Biking is a life long sport. Stay safe and have fun!"

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Coach Julaine reluctantly attended her first Mountain Bike Clinic over 10 years ago when her husband Rod thought she might enjoy it.   But she knew how to ride a bike... what could they possibly teach her? ... and they want to charge for it??? Well 2 days in and feeling far more confident and comfortable on her bike she was sold on it!  ANYONE can learn from some good coaching!  The bike club has been a really great place where her husband and kids can all join something together that is active and outside and she can help some little people to gain some biking skills.  

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I’ve been riding a bike my entire life, but it wasn’t until about 4 years ago that I got serious about wanting to develop my mountain biking skills. During this time period, I’ve met a number of people who feel intimidated trying to mountain bike, thinking it’s only for the young.  Nope…..riding is for everyone!  My passion is coaching other mature riders to help them build confidence on the trails.  Being a “mature rider”, it’s all about the fun and the “smiles for miles” while riding on the trail for me. Looking forward to seeing you on the dirt.

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Hi, my name is Kent. I live in Sylvan Lake with my wife, Amanda, and 2 sons, Colby (11) and Tyler (9). My family was previously involved in BMX, but have a real love for mountain biking. We have spent many summer holidays hanging out in Fernie and Canmore. Although we don't live in the mountains, I feel fortunate to have access to some pretty fun trails at the Red Deer bike park. I look forward to seeing you out there.

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​Hi I'm Sam Cameron I live in red deer and work at Savy Cycle with Rod. I am an avid mountain biker and love any part of the sport.  I spend lots of my summer riding all around Alberta and I'm hoping to do more riding out side of Alberta this year. I'm excited to see more people come to love the sport of mountain biking.


My name is Ashton Smith. I am a grade 11 student at Gateway & Lindsey Thurber. I am an avid bicycle enthusiast who rides year round. Mountain biking is my favorite sport. I have ridden many different trails in AB & BC. This is my second year working for Savy Cycle where I continue to learn a lot about bike repair & maintenance. I am pleased to co-lead children's bike rides this year with Savy Mountain Riders. In my free time you will see me out on the trails challenging myself & enjoying nature. My wish for you all is to enjoy your rides as much as I do.



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